April 2, 2015

All-Filipino Grocery Finds

I do the family grocery-run every other weekend. I enjoy this chore. It's a concrete way I provide for my family. And it's a distraction and a stress-reliever, mindlessly roaming around rows and rows of goods and products we consume in our everyday life. 

Last week, I found these great new condiments in SM Hypermart Pasig. They're great finds as no one enjoys eating with dipping sauces more than us Filipinos!

Mama Sita's ( has sauces and mixes that have been staples of Filipino cooking for a long time. It's good to see they also produce these premium condiments now. The Coconut Nectar Vinegar is made from organic coconut sap or tuba, and aged for a year. The Anghang-Sarap Spiced Tuba Vinegar has a zest just the way we Pinoys like it, with all the yummy garlic, onions and chili in it. 

Their website is worth a visit, especially for those who enjoy cooking and eating. It has recipes to most of our all-time Filipino favorites like sinigang, adobo, paksiw, etc. When I worked abroad for a few years, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine how much I would miss these kinds of cooking. 

I also found these Datu Puti Premium Selections products. 

Nutriasia ( produces some of our favorite ketchup brands and the Mang Tomas Sarsa. Their Datu Puti Premium Selections line is very new, I can't even find them on their website. They have Natural Cane Vinegar and Brewed Soy Sauce which come in nice tall bottles. I also found their ToyoChili a great sawsawan (dipping sauce). 

Lorenzana Food Corporation ( is the manufacturer of my all-time favorite condiment- Lorins Patis (fish sauce). So I was so excited to find their Lorins Premium Extra Virgin Anchovy Extract. 

I hope they produce these in smaller bottles soon, so I can bring one to leave in our office pantry to enjoy with my packed lunches and share with my office mates. It's a very tasty dipping sauce!

Visit their website for great recipes using our favorites-- Patis and Bagoong!

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